Fire & Smoke Curtain Service, Maintenance & Repairs

Expert and Comprehensive Repair, Service and Maintenance Solutions

When every second counts in a fire emergency, the effectiveness of your fire safety systems is paramount. Neco Fire Gard’s dedicated repair and maintenance services ensure optimal performance and reliability, forming a critical defence in protecting lives and assets.

One of Neco Fire Gards expert repair staff


Precision and Expertise at Neco Fire Gard

At Neco Fire Gard, we specialise in expert repair services that span the globe, ensuring that your fire protection systems are always at their best. Our highly trained engineers can tackle any issue, no matter the system type, including fire curtains, smoke curtains, and other fire protection systems.

At Neco Fire Gard, we excel in repairing and servicing fire protection systems, regardless of who originally manufactured or installed them. Our expert engineers are adept at swiftly diagnosing and resolving a range of common issues that can impair the functionality of your fire safety equipment. Whether it’s a motor failure that prevents a fire curtain from deploying, a panel that fails to charge, a curtain that sticks or catches, fabric that rolls up unevenly, or visible fabric damage, our team is equipped to handle these challenges efficiently.

With Neco Fire Gard, you can expect a seamless service experience that restores and enhances the reliability and effectiveness of your fire safety systems, ensuring they perform optimally when you need them most. With a focus on achieving a perfect repair on the first visit, we encourage customers to send photographs of the problem area so our technicians come prepared with the right parts and knowledge. Our repair services include:

  • Battery Replacement: Ensuring uninterrupted power supply to your systems for continuous protection.
  • Limits Reset: Fine-tuning your devices to achieve flawless operation and precise control.
  • Curtain Re-leveling: Adjusting fire and smoke curtains to ensure they deploy smoothly and cover the required area effectively.
  • Full Wiring Inspection: Conducting thorough inspections to identify and rectify any electrical issues before they lead to system failures.
  • All Fixings Check: A comprehensive check to ensure all mechanical components are secure and fully operational.
  • Curtain Condition Evaluation: Inspecting curtains for any signs of wear or damage that might impede performance.
  • Full Ancillary Equipment Test: Testing all related safety devices to confirm their functionality and readiness.
  • Comprehensive Fire Test: Executing detailed fire simulations to ensure the entire system responds appropriately in an emergency.

Added Value Services:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Call Outs: Rapid response service available round the clock for urgent repair needs.
  • 12-Month Guarantee: We stand behind our quality with a year-long warranty on all repairs.
  • Access to Technical Support: Immediate expert assistance to address your concerns and provide solutions.
One of Neco Fire Gards expert maintenance staff


Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions by Neco Fire Gard

Recognising the critical role of maintenance in the performance and longevity of fire protection systems, Neco Fire Gard offers extensive service packages designed to keep your equipment in optimal condition. Our maintenance solutions are crafted to cater to a diverse range of products, from commercial doors to industrial fire shutters and everything in between. Our service includes:

  • Routine Inspections: Regularly scheduled visits to ensure all elements of your fire protection system are working correctly.
  • Health Checks: Thorough inspections to gauge the overall health and efficiency of your systems, suggesting improvements or upgrades as necessary.
  • High-Frequency Checks: For areas subject to intensive use, we recommend more frequent assessments to ensure constant readiness and reliability.
  • Longevity and Compliance: Ongoing maintenance extends the operational life of your equipment and ensures it meets both British and international safety standards.

We tailor our maintenance contracts to be cost-effective, providing a smart investment in the safety and efficiency of your property. Regular maintenance not only ensures compliance with the latest safety regulations but also acts as a preventative strategy to minimise the need for emergency repairs, thus reducing overall costs.

Entrust Your Safety to Neco Fire Gard

Let Neco Fire Gard take care of your fire safety systems with our expert repair and maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more about our services, schedule a health check, or sign up for a maintenance contract. Ensure your safety systems are not just compliant but fully primed to protect your premises and its occupants effectively.