Fire Rated Shutters

Prevent the Spread of Fire

In the fierce grip of a fire, fire-rated shutters stand as stalwart defenders, shielding both lives and property from the ravages of flames and smoke. These shutters form an integral part of active fire protection systems, offering robust resistance and containing the spread of fire, ensuring a safer pathway to escape and significantly mitigating potential damage

Fire Rated Shutters serve as a critical line of defence against the encroachment of fire and smoke, prioritising the protection of property and, more importantly, lives. Designed for versatility, they are suitable for use in commercial properties, residential, and industrial settings. Crafted from durable galvanised steel, our fire-resistant roller shutters can also be customised with a powder coating in any colour to match your aesthetic preferences.

Beyond their primary role in fire safety, these shutters also provide an added layer of security, serving as a robust deterrent against theft and vandalism, and reinforcing the safety and integrity of your premises around the clock.

At NECO Fire Gard, we specialise in crafting a wide range of fire shutter options, each designed to meet specific needs and applications:

  • Tubular Motor Fire Shutter: Ideal for doors that see a lot of action, these roller shutters combine reliability with ease of use, ensuring swift and efficient operation for high-traffic entrances and doors.
  • Outboard Motor Fire Shutter: Tailored for expansive openings, our outboard motor fire shutters provide robust protection for larger areas, ensuring safety without compromising on functionality, however large the shutter is.
  • Insulated Fire Shutter: Offering enhanced protection, our insulated industrial fire shutters are designed to add an extra layer of fire resistance, safeguarding against heat and flames while maintaining energy efficiency.

Opt for NECO Fire Shutter: Your Partner in Comprehensive Safety

  • Personalised Journey: At NECO, we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service tailored to your unique requirements, guiding you from the initial quotation to the complete installation process.
  • Extended Protection: Our fire shutters are engineered to provide up to four hours of steadfast fire and smoke defence, ensuring a safer environment for your premises.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to complement and enhance your existing fire safety protocols, NECO fire shutters can be effortlessly incorporated into your current system for bolstered security.
  • Economical Over Time: Benefit from the advantage of low lifetime operational and maintenance expenses, making NECO fire shutters a cost-effective solution for long-term safety.
  • Simplified Installation: We understand the importance of ease and efficiency, which is why our fire shutters are crafted for straightforward installation, minimising disruption and downtime.
  • Enhanced Security: Beyond fire protection, NECO fire shutters also offer a robust barrier against theft, adding an extra layer of physical security to safeguard your assets.

Choose NECO Fire Shutter for a blend of unmatched fire safety, economic efficiency, and additional theft deterrence, all tailored to fit seamlessly into your safety and security measures, ensuring optimum safety along every escape route.

Fire Rated Shutters

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