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Unparalleled Control Over Your Fire Safety

The NECO 24 Volt DC Tubular Motor embodies the pinnacle of motorisation technology for fire curtains, a testament to relentless research, cutting-edge innovation, and extensive industry expertise.

NECO 24 Volt DC Tubular Moto

The NECO 24 Volt DC Tubular Motor embodies the pinnacle of motorisation technology for fire curtains, a testament to relentless research, cutting-edge innovation, and extensive industry expertise.

This motor stands as the ultimate solution for fire curtain automation, boasting a 100% duty cycle that ensures it operates without the risk of overheating. Equipped with state-of-the-art gravity-failsafe technology, it guarantees unparalleled reliability and safety, especially when paired with the DC Fire Control Panel.

Holding a Worldwide Patent, the NECO tubular motor showcases impressive lifting capabilities of up to 600kg, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications. The gravity fail-safe feature, available in models DC55G, DC55G-25, DC80G, DC80G-18, & DC95G, enhances its suitability for Fire/Smoke Curtains, Fire Shutters, and High Usage Doors, ensuring they remain operational under any circumstances.

Praised and certified by Exova, Warringtonfire, this motor is designed for doors that require frequent operation, such as car park shutters, providing both safety and efficiency. The NECO 24 Volt DC Tubular Motor is not just a component; it’s an investment in cutting-edge safety and operational excellence for your fire protection systems.

The DC Fire Control Panel

The NECO DC Fire Control Panel stands as the central command unit for our extensive array of NECO Fire Curtains, Smoke Curtains, and Fire Shutters, embodying the pinnacle of control technology tailored for fire safety systems.

Engineered for versatility, this panel is adept at managing a broad spectrum of site conditions, making it an ideal solution for settings ranging from industrial and commercial to residential environments.

Key Features Include:

  • Extended Battery Backup: Offering 4-6 hours of battery backup, ensuring operational integrity even in the absence of main power, and enhancing safety during emergencies.
  • Seamless Fire Alarm Integration: Features a volt-free connection to fire alarms, facilitating automatic activation in response to fire detection, thus streamlining emergency protocols.
  • Enhanced Power Resilience: Equipped with an additional battery backup option for extended reliability and peace of mind during prolonged power outages.
  • Exclusive Compatibility: Specifically designed to pair with The NECO DC Tubular Motor, ensuring a harmonised and efficient operation of your fire safety systems.
  • Secure Access: Comes with a lock and key mechanism, providing secure access to control settings and preventing unauthorised adjustments.

With The NECO DC Fire Control Panel, you gain unparalleled control over your fire safety measures, ensuring a robust defence against fire incidents, tailored to meet the diverse needs of various premises.

Electronic Limits

battery back-up

Audio Visual Warning

Split drop-Delay

Delay Before Descent

AUdio Visual

Deadman and Auto Operation

Emergency Retract

Auto return Reset Function

Volt Free Fire Alarm Connection

Building Management System

double Knock Fire Activation

Obstacle Detection


Neco DC Masters Group Controller

The NECO DC Master Group Controller represents a revolutionary leap in fire safety management, allowing for seamless integration with the NECO fire curtain system. This advanced controller is designed to work in tandem with each NECO DC Tubular Motor, provided they are each connected to a NECO DC Slave Panel, enabling precise and synchronised control over multiple fire protection devices.

Key Features:

  • Unified Operation: Capable of simultaneously controlling several motors, this controller streamlines the operation of complex fire curtain systems, ensuring a coordinated response in the event of a fire.
  • Exclusive Compatibility: Specifically engineered to work with NECO DC Tubular Motors, guaranteeing smooth and efficient functionality across the board.
  • Dependent Connectivity: For optimal performance, each motor requires linkage to a Slave Panel, allowing the Master Group Controller to execute its functions effectively.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfectly suited for any commercial or retail setting, this controller brings advanced fire safety technology to a wide range of premises.
  • Broad System Capacity: Ideal for managing Fire Curtain Systems that exceed 6 meters in width, offering robust protection for larger spaces.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: When activated by a fire alarm, the NECO DC Master Group Controller can operate multiple rollers within a single fire curtain system, providing expansive coverage.
  • Synchronised Safety Solutions: In scenarios where multiple fire curtains are installed throughout a site, this controller can activate several motors simultaneously, ensuring a unified defensive mechanism against fire.
  • Efficient Fire Alarm Integration: Even with just one fire alarm connection, the Master Group Controller facilitates the connection of several fire curtains, enhancing the site’s overall fire response capability.

The NECO DC Master Group Controller is your strategic ally in fire safety, offering unmatched control and integration capabilities that ensure your premises are equipped with a responsive and reliable fire protection system.

NECO 24 Volt DC Tubular MotoThe DC Fire Control Panel

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