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Find out everything you need to know about fire curtains manufactured in the UK with insights on their importance, benefits, and UK fire regulations.

Fire Curtains: UK Leaders in Fire Safety

Fire curtains from NECO Fire Gard will help protect your property from fires without impacting its aesthetic appeal. Our article will help you understand everything you need to know and make informed decisions about which fire safety expert to work with. 

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What is a Fire Curtain?

Fire curtains are an integral part of fire safety equipment in large commercial and industrial buildings. They work by creating temporary barriers that prevent the spread of flames and smoke during fire emergencies. By doing this, they contribute to ensuring safe evacuation routes for occupants while safeguarding lives and property from damage resulting from these often catastrophic events. Fire curtains are typically made using materials like woven glass fibre fabric with stainless steel wire reinforcement, which makes them durable enough to handle fire and smoke effectively. These features make them essential components in ensuring optimal protection against fires within a building environment.

NECO Fire Gard’s cutting-edge fire curtain systems are an example of innovation in action. Their sophisticated products feature advanced materials like intumescent compounds that provide enhanced protection against smoke and flames. With maximum safety and automatic close, NECO Fire Gard’s fire curtains ensure occupants remain protected during a fire emergency by providing unparalleled 4-hour protection and security from harmful elements caused by fires or other hazards.

What are Fire Curtains made from?

Fire curtains are designed to provide maximum protection against fire and smoke hazards by incorporating intumescent compounds that enhance their resistance capabilities. These high-quality curtains also feature innovative smoke seals that work together with the compound for optimal results in preventing flames from spreading rapidly while minimising any harmful effects caused by thick clouds of smoke. NECO’s fire curtains are designed to slow the spread of fire and smoke, providing up to four hours of critical containment, and improving the safety and integrity of your property.

What are the Advantages of Installing Fire Curtains?

Incorporating fire curtains into a building provides many advantages, such as robust protection from fire and smoke, seamless integration, and advanced safety features. Active fire curtains offer exceptional performance by providing up to four hours of critical containment during fire or smoke emergencies while also being eco-friendly. Incorporating an active fire curtain will significantly enhance building security measures against fires.

Active fire curtains have become an essential component in modern building design due to their ability to enhance safety measures while also containing fires and smoke efficiently. This significantly lessens the potential damage these incidents can cause as well as protects the health and well-being of occupants. With advanced technology incorporated into NECO’s robust designs, fire curtains serve as an extremely valuable asset when protecting lives or property during emergencies involving flames and smoke.

Fire Curtain Regulations and Standards

Fire curtains are designed to meet specific standards, like BS EN. NECO Fire Gard has attained certification for both parts of the stringent British Standard (BS8524). Adherence to these strict guidelines ensures compliance with European Regulation requirements when installing, operating, or maintaining fire curtain systems.

Installation, Integration and Maintenance of Fire Curtains

NECO Fire Gard’s fire curtains are designed with ease of installation simplicity in mind while also offering versatile applications. NECO Fire Gard offers customised 24v DC motors equipped with gravity failsafe technology for unmatched reliability, guaranteeing that the system operates effectively when they are needed most. To ensure optimal performance, it is essential to follow manufacturer guidelines and industry best practices during testing and maintenance procedures, and NECO will do all of this for you as your fire protection expert. NECO Fire Gard’s fire curtain systems provide peace of mind, knowing they will work flawlessly if ever required, fitting in seamlessly with your property’s design.

Fire Curtain Success Stories and Case Studies

NECO Fire Gard has established itself as a leader in providing effective fire curtain systems with an impressive portfolio of successful projects both domestically and internationally. Providers like NECO Fire Gard offer customised solutions that meet international standards while delivering exceptional results, as evident through their client success stories and case studies. With proven expertise across many industries, NECO continues to lead the way when it comes to innovative fire protection methods and systems.

UK Fire Curtain Manufacturer, Supplier & Fitter

Fire curtains are critical components in buildings that play a vital role in maintaining compartmentalisation and preventing the spread of fire or smoke. These specially designed curtains serve as an essential component for ensuring safety during emergencies such as fires by protecting against harmful elements like heat, flames, or toxic gases. In commercial office settings where evacuation procedures must be executed quickly and efficiently, the strategic placement of these curtains can help contain outbreaks effectively while allowing safe exit routes for all occupants present within the building premises at any given time. It is now evident how significant modern-day safety measures rely on technologies like fire curtains, which offer reliable and automated solutions when faced with dangerous situations like fires and smoke.

Bespoke Fire Curtains for Enhanced Safety

Bespoke fire curtains offer an advantage beyond standard fire protection measures by providing flexibility in design. Our tailored solutions are specifically crafted to fit unique building requirements and occupancy needs, enhancing overall safety for anyone who enters a premises. NECO Fire Gard’s custom-designed fire curtains can be seamlessly integrated with automation systems, ensuring efficient operation while maintaining optimal levels of security for everyone within. When it comes to comprehensive fire safety measures across various types of buildings, bespoke fire curtains are the most popular choice.

In commercial settings where fires pose a significant threat to people, property, and assets, investing in fire curtains is an essential step to ensuring maximum safety, especially for retail spaces that have escalators installed as they are often considered high-risk areas due to the potential for the rapid spread of smoke or flames during fire emergencies. With automatic deployment features at play with modern-day fire curtain technology, businesses can rest assured knowing they’ve got high-quality protection against such events. This type of barrier system aids in maintaining everyone’s safety while minimising damage from unanticipated accidents by quickly and effectively containing any fires before they get out of control.

Why Choose Custom Fire Curtains?

Fire safety measures are critical in buildings to protect people and property from potential disasters. An effective way of achieving this is through the use of bespoke fire curtains that offer many benefits, including flexibility in design integration with building automation systems for seamless operation and improved safety measures. NECO Fire Gard’s advanced features, such as remote monitoring and control, allow owners to manage their fire safety system efficiently while ensuring swift coordination during emergencies when seconds count most. By integrating these custom-designed curtains into your building’s automated system, which can be triggered by fire alarms and smoke detectors, you can enhance its protection against fires by providing a comprehensive approach to safeguarding lives, property, and assets.

Fire safety measures are critical in any building environment but not all buildings have the same needs. This is where bespoke fire curtains from NECO Fire Gard come into play: they offer tailored protection that takes various factors, such as layout and occupancy levels, into account when designing a system for optimal effectiveness against fires. NECO Fire Gard offers customised solutions to address specific security requirements while maintaining an appealing appearance without compromising functionality or performance standards. With their ability to cater specifically to unique challenges posed by different environments, innovative systems prove themselves indispensable tools for ensuring maximum protection from potential fire hazards.

Choosing a Fire Curtain Manufacturer, Supplier, Fitter, and Partner

Fire safety measures are critical in any building. When selecting a fire curtain manufacturer, supplier or fitter within the UK, it is crucial to prioritise specific qualities that ensure the reliability and effectiveness of these measures. The chosen provider should possess expertise in designing and testing fire curtain systems which meet or exceed all relevant standards and regulations. NECO Fire Gard, holds certification under BS8524 British Standard, demonstrating their commitment towards achieving high levels of safety through excellence in fire curtain design and testing processes. By choosing providers who hold necessary accreditations, you can be confident about receiving quality services while ensuring maximum protection against potential fires on your premises.

NECO Fire Gard’s accreditations also include; UKAS, CHAS, Acclaim, Applus, and Constrctionline. We work across diverse and multiple industries and are trusted by all-size brands, including; Multiplex, Tesco, Brookfield, NHS, Metropolitan Police, and British Airways, to name just a few.

When it comes to fire protection products, suppliers with a diverse range are best suited for providing comprehensive solutions tailored towards specific building types and safety requirements. NECO Fire Gard offers extensive options in the form of customisable smoke and fire curtains suitable across various environments, from commercial spaces to residential. By offering an expansive product range, we can recommend and advise the correct product to our customers and which solutions will best suit their needs without compromising on quality or compliance standards; ultimately leading them to achieve the maximum security levels possible against fires and smoke in buildings under their care.

The installation of fire curtains requires expertise that only experienced fitters possess. These professionals have proven track records in diverse settings and are equipped with the necessary skills to ensure proper compliance with regulations while ensuring optimal functionality for your building’s safety system. At NECO, we pride ourselves on our exceptional ability when it comes to installing these critical components within landmark projects across many industries. Giving you peace of mind that everything is in the hands of our experts, who are the best at what they do, our team offers professional after-care support services that ensure dependable performance from beginning to end. By choosing us as your fire safety partner, you can rest assured knowing your property has been secured against potential fire and smoke effectively through high-quality installations done right every time. Don’t take any chances; choose our experience and expertise over anything else.

Fire Curtains and UK Fire Safety Regulations

Fire safety regulations in the UK are designed to protect people from fire hazards by enforcing compliance with essential standards and practices. The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 cover critical aspects such as external walls, cladding, and flat entrance doors, ensuring comprehensive adherence to these requirements. Responsible persons must conduct regular maintenance of their building’s fire safety equipment so that it remains functional at all times while also meeting necessary safety criteria. Sharing building information with relevant authorities is crucial for enhancing transparency during emergencies involving fires or other disasters. By prioritising this type of communication between parties involved in managing public spaces where large groups gather like schools, hospitals, shopping centres, etc., we can work towards minimising risks associated with fires and ensure safer environments overall.

The Fire Safety Act has made it clear that external walls, cladding, and flat entrance doors are crucial components in preventing the spread of fire or smoke within buildings. To establish a robust framework for addressing this issue effectively, regulations have been introduced that outline guidelines for conducting assessments while sharing essential building details with regulatory authorities. By prioritising both prevention measures and rapid response during emergencies, these rules aim to minimise risks associated with fires by ensuring compliance from owners and responsible persons who must ensure proper installation of effective safety measures such as fire curtains. The importance of following these mandates cannot be overstated when considering how much damage can result if they are not adhered to properly.

NECO Fire Gard is an expert in all compliance when it comes to fire and smoke safety. Our professional team will advise you on the best way to protect occupants, your property, and your assets by complying with all UK fire regulations with our fire and smoke-safe products.

NECO Fire Gard: Leading the Way in Fire Curtain Systems

As a leader in fire curtain systems, NECO Fire Gard has set high standards for building protection against fires. Their cutting-edge technology ensures that their products provide critical containment for up to four hours, exceeding industry requirements by far. The ability of NECO Fire Gard’s product range to withstand extreme temperatures and prevent smoke infiltration is a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality fire safety solutions.

When it comes to fire safety, NECO Fire Gard stands out with its cutting-edge approach. The company’s patented smoke seals integrated into their fire curtains provide an unparalleled barrier against smoke infiltration, enhancing overall protection during fires. By continuously improving on existing measures and offering innovative technology, protecting lives and property is of the highest priority to the NECO Fire Gard team.

NECO Fire Gard has established itself as a trusted provider of certified fire safety solutions that are essential for safe emergency evacuation and compliance with global standards. NECO Fire Gard’s commitment to excellence ensures they remain at the forefront of the industry, providing reliable fire protection systems across industries worldwide.

NECO Fire Gard understands the importance of providing reliable fire safety solutions that meet industry regulations and standards. That’s why they conduct thorough testing procedures to ensure their smoke and fire curtains are effective at preventing fires from spreading quickly throughout buildings. They take pride in delivering high-quality products while keeping customer satisfaction as a top priority. By catering to diverse building environments with innovative designs tailored to specific needs, NECO Fire Gard has established itself as an expert provider of trusted fire safety solutions across UK markets and beyond.

Fire Curtain Summary

Fire safety is an essential aspect of building management that cannot be overlooked. To ensure optimal protection against fire hazards, it’s crucial to work with a reputable manufacturer, supplier, and fitter like NECO Fire Gard, who specialises in providing bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. By prioritising installing customised fire curtains, you can mitigate risks while safeguarding the lives of occupants during emergencies caused by fires. Additionally, compliance with regulations such as The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 ensures high standards are maintained at all times, guaranteeing the effectiveness of your chosen fire safety systems within your property. Investing in quality fire curtain systems supplied by renowned providers offers peace of mind, knowing that occupant well-being remains protected even when faced with potential dangers due to fires. Partnering with a trustworthy company like ourselves guarantees not only superior results but also assurance regarding overall security within any given structure or establishment.

Fire Curtain Conclusion

NECO Fire Gard stands out as the premier choice in the fire protection industry, offering a comprehensive range of advanced fire safety solutions designed to meet and exceed industry standards. Their wide range of products, including automatic fire curtains, vertical fire curtains, and horizontal fire curtains, ensure robust protection against the spread of flames and smoke. These systems are crucial in maintaining compliance with building codes and legal requirements, making them indispensable for any modern building’s fire safety strategy.

NECO Fire Gard’s automatic smoke curtains and active fire barriers play a critical role in smoke control and preventing the spread of flames, significantly enhancing overall building safety. The company’s commitment to rigorous testing and adherence to product standards ensures that its fire curtains meet the highest levels of safety and performance. Their collaboration with International Fire Consultants and compliance with industry standards further attest to the reliability and effectiveness of their solutions.

The expert team at NECO Fire Gard provides tailored protection strategies, offering bespoke solutions that cater to specific building requirements. This bespoke approach, coupled with preventative maintenance services, guarantees the long-term efficacy of their fire protection systems. NECO Fire Gard’s product range addresses diverse fire safety needs with precision and reliability and customers are at the heart of our operation.

Choosing NECO Fire Gard means working with a company that not only meets but exceeds expectations in fire safety. Their products, including active fire curtains and smoke curtains, are integral components of a comprehensive fire safety strategy, offering effective fire protection solutions that safeguard lives and property. With a proven track record in diverse industries and landmark projects, NECO Fire Gard remains a trusted provider of fire curtain systems that deliver peace of mind and superior protection in the UK and Europe.

In summary, NECO Fire Gard’s extensive product range, expert team, and unwavering commitment to safety make them the best option for fire curtains and fire protection solutions. Their dedication to innovation, compliance with international standards, and provision of bespoke, high-quality products ensure that they remain at the forefront of the fire protection industry. Trust NECO Fire Gard to enhance your building’s safety with its state-of-the-art fire curtain systems, ensuring comprehensive protection against fire hazards.

We provide a full planning, design, manufacture, supply, installation, maintenance and repair service for businesses all over the UK. Made in the UK, it is bespoke to your property and needs, protecting lives and your property against the threat of fire and smoke. We are an industry leader in advanced fire protection solutions for businesses and properties. We deliver innovative, high-end products that protect against fire and smoke, ensuring effective fire protection solutions for all our customers.

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About NECO Fire Gard’s Active Fire Curtains

The fire curtain has dramatically changed the way that buildings are now designed, and it is seamlessly integrated into architects’ designs and building codes, providing extreme protection against fire and smoke without even being noticed.

Fire curtains are discreet, lightweight, and can easily be hidden in building structures, meaning that open-plan spaces can be as safe as areas with walls and ceilings. They are now an extremely popular choice among construction and fire safety experts worldwide.

Fire curtains are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they stand out for their fire and smoke protection efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness, compared to traditional firewalls and conventional fire doors, which offer an additional 4 hours of protection against fire and smoke.

NECO Fire Gard has created a custom-designed 24v DC motor, that has gravity failsafe technology, ensuring the highest degree of reliability for reacting when fire or smoke is detected. We tailor-make your fire curtains to suit your operational needs and property requirements, and they can be used in all types of properties, including industrial, commercial, and residential.

We undertake all sizes of projects in the UK and abroad and work with you to become your trusted fire safety partner.

NECO Fire Curtain Benefits

Bespoke Customer-Focused Service Delivery: From the initial quote to the final installation, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, resulting in a seamless experience bespoke to you.

Certificate of Excellence: We are extremely proud to have met the stringent criteria of both parts of the BS 8524 standard, firmly establishing ourselves as a global leader in fire curtain technology.

Robust Protection: Our fire curtains are designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke, providing up to four hours of critical containment while improving the safety and integrity of your facility.

Seamless Coordination: Designed to complement and integrate with existing fire safety systems, resulting in a unified and efficient fire and smoke safety solution.

Innovative Safety Enhancement: Our fire curtains are fitted with our innovative gravity failsafe descent mechanism, ensuring dependability when you need them most.

Cost-effective and Competitive: NECO Fire Curtains provide low lifetime operating and maintenance costs, making them an excellent investment in your safety infrastructure.

Convenient and Simple Installation by Experts: Our fire curtains are designed for easy installation, ensuring a smooth and fully integrated setup process.

Unnoticeable Aesthetic: NECO Fire Curtains’ compact and discreet design allows them to blend seamlessly into any environment while maintaining the aesthetic appeal, brand and design of your space.

Multipurpose Utilisation: Our active fire curtains are versatile in application, providing adaptable and practical solutions to meet the diverse needs of your space, Whether vertical or horizontal, we can integrate seamlessly for you.

Innovative Smoke Seals: Our patented smoke seals are a one-of-a-kind innovation that is altering the fire safety landscape. Our unique curtain seals are engineered to provide unparalleled protection in both hot and cold smoke scenarios, ensuring maximum safety in a variety of conditions.

Vigorous Testing: Our smoke and fire curtains undergo rigorous testing to ensure a solid 4-hour barrier for occupants that redefines fire protection standards. Our unmatched air pressure testing with multiple curtains is a result that no other fire curtain manufacturer can claim. This unique feature ensures that our curtains provide superior smoke protection, making them the most effective solution on the market.

Let us be your partner for your fire safety solutions and you will receive the highest level of protection, innovation, and customer service from our whole team of experts.

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