Changing the fire safety market with legislation

In the landscape of fire safety, rigorous standards and accreditations serve as the cornerstone of trust and efficacy. Fire curtains certified to BS8524 exemplify the highest commitment to safety, providing reliable protection that decisively influences outcomes in critical fire emergencies.

Setting the Global Standard in Fire Safety with BS8524 Fire Curtains

At NECO Fire Gard, we proudly set benchmarks in the fire safety industry by adhering to and exceeding the internationally recognised BS8524 standard for active fire curtain systems. This rigorous two-part standard is not just a regulatory measure but a transformational force in fire safety, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fire protection technology.

BS8524: The Gold Standard of Reliability and Trust

BS8524 is acclaimed worldwide as the definitive standard for the design, testing, and maintenance of fire curtain systems. It offers a robust framework that benefits specifiers, manufacturers, installers, building inspectors, and purchasers alike, ensuring that all fire curtains meet the highest safety requirements. This standard provides detailed guidance on every aspect of fire curtain performance, from durability and operational efficacy to safety features that protect lives and property.

At NECO Fire Gard, we are honoured to meet and surpass the stringent requirements of BS8524, which underpins the trust and confidence our clients place in our products. Our compliance with BS8524 is verified by third-party certification through Exova Warringtonfire, a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification services, further affirming the exceptional quality and reliability of our fire and smoke curtains.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Each fire and smoke curtain we produce is meticulously crafted, with the stringent stipulations of BS8524 at the core of our design and manufacturing processes. Achieving this standard reflects our unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge fire safety solutions that not only ensure compliance but offer enhanced protection and peace of mind to building occupants and facilities managers.

Explore Our Impact and Expertise

We invite you to explore our extensive portfolio of projects, which showcases the wide-ranging impact of our dedication to fire safety excellence. Each project illustrates our capability to integrate sophisticated fire protection systems into a variety of architectural environments, ensuring optimal safety and aesthetic harmony.

For those interested in a deeper understanding of the BS8524 standard and its pivotal role in the development of our fire safety products, we welcome your enquiries and discussions. Our team is eager to provide insights and support to help you choose the right fire protection solutions for your needs.

Witness Our Excellence in Action

Discover the real-world applications and effectiveness of our BS8524-compliant fire curtains by viewing detailed case studies and project highlights on our website. Each example demonstrates our technical prowess and the trust placed in us by clients across various sectors.

For more information or to discuss how our certified fire curtain systems can benefit your project, please contact us. Let NECO Fire Gard be your partner in achieving the highest standards of fire safety and compliance.

BS8524 Compliant Fire Curtains

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